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"Ready To Attract Your Ideal Clients And Create A Profitable Business That Gives You Back More Time?"
So you can make a difference doing what you love?
From the desk of Kat Millar
Sydney, Australia

Hey passionate difference-maker,

Do you want to know, with certainty, how to create a profitable business?

So you can make a deeper impact with your message...

Create the income you deserve...

And position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche?

And also have a business that gives you the lifestyle and time-freedom that you want?

Well, then this letter is your new best friend :-)

Let me tell you why...

But first, you NEED to hear this.

All the enthusiastic, positive, grateful clients imaginable are out there right now, ready and waiting for you.

All you need is a proven system to attract them into your business. 

If you’re unhappy with the money you’re earning, you DON’T have this system yet. 
Because if any of this sounds like you...
"I want to help people and make a difference, but I'm not sure how to market myself..."

"I've always wanted to be my own boss, but I've had ZERO idea where to start..."

"I want to live my passion, but I'm held back by the fear that I don't know enough to get paying clients" 

"I don't have a lot of followers or testimonials..."

"I already tried to get clients but it didn't work..."

"Marketing and sales freak me out! I don’t ever want to be pushy when promoting."

"Marketing is certainly NOT in my Genius Zone..."

I Promise You You're Not Alone
These are the things so many entrepreneurs tell me. And I totally get it.

I know that deep inside you there’s a burning for more. To help more people, to make a bigger impact. The desire and the quiet voice inside you is not going away.

For so many years, I consumed loads of books, seminars and information about sales, marketing, mindset, presenting and wealth-creation... but I was still broke!

The problem was, I didn't know what were the most critical tasks to focus on and I'd get stuck in overwhelm. 

Inevitably, I'd end up procrastinating on everything. 

Eventually, I began to realise that entrepreneurs who were succeeding have a specific way of doing things. 

I invested in learning the best strategies from successful business owners and began to apply them in my business. 

It made a huge difference and I was able to finally have 5-figure months and help loads more people.  

And now I want to share the strategies that successful business owners use that can set you apart from your competitors.
I don’t want you to spend years struggling unnecessarily. 

You know what I’m talking about… Those days where you really close to giving up... Where it just feels too hard and you are tempted to go back to a job that sucks your soul… 

Or you run a manual business where the business is running you – not the other way around. 

You’re a driven, hard-working entrepreneur. You deserve to have the business you dream of.
If building your business allowed you to cut your work week back to sane hours, have a lifestyle in what you’re doing and take regular computer-free holidays, would it be worth it?

Or if all this did was allowed you to stop stressing about money, and be able to take the income from the business you deserve, would that be worth doing the work? 

And once you start to get the lifestyle and money sorted you normally realise that the main reason you’re just doing this is so much deeper… 

If doing the work so it’s DONE allowed you to have the impact on the world that you are here to have, would that be worth doing?

I’m sure you’d agree that it would. 

Because you’re not supposed to be stressed out and going back and forth in the confusion. 

You have a reason and a purpose to being here and a legacy to build. 

You're supposed to have a bigger impact than being in a job that sucks your soul…

There’s only so many times you can trial and error before you run out of money, run out of time or self-desire or confidence.

I understand what that’s like and how crappy it feels. I’ve been there. 

And I’ve seen what happens when people don’t do it properly and don’t have the expertise of people helping them. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

There’s a better way to do things, and I want to share with you exactly how to do it. 

Once you’ve mastered the skill of creating valuable offers and the formula to market and sell them, you can make money at ANY time—independent of anybody else. 

Meaning you never have to worry about money again!

If you want this for your business, I have some good news.

With your very own client-attraction system built and implemented, this could be your reality faster than you think.
This is why I created the Amplify Your Influence 12-Week Accelerator
Amplify Your Influence Accelerator is a coaching program that will accelerate the growth of YOUR business... 

So you can start booking paid clients in a matter of WEEKS, instead of months (or even years). 

This is NOT just another online course giving you information...

It is NOT about leaving it up to you to figure out how to implement a client-attraction strategy on your own. 

The Amplify Your Influence Accelerator dives deep into everything you need to know about getting paid clients...

PLUS ALL the support you need to make it happen!

No guesswork required.

It can take your business to the 5-figures per month level...

WITHOUT involving expensive web developers, understanding how to code... or even spending a single cent on ads!

It offers you the fastest way to attract your ideal clients, so you can do what you love and get paid for it. 

You can expect results within the first 14 days!

Amplify Your Influence Accelerator is based on REAL life client experiences and tested, measured and proven strategies.

I have refined the formula over and over again so that it creates fast results in the easiest way possible.

Normally this process is only available to my private clients, but now I am offering it for a fraction of the cost in a group setting. 

Everything you learn you can apply in your business for years to come!

How would you feel if you finally have a system to consistently sign up your ideal clients? 

What difference will that make in your life?
This is for you if...
 You're a Coach or Service-Based Business Owner, with a valuable service to offer
 You want to know step-by-step, from beginning to end how to attract and sign up your ideal clients.
 You want to start making money from your genius zone.
 You want your business to be aligned with your passion, values, and give you the money you deserve
And if you are sick and tired of...
 The 'trial and error' approach of growing your business 
 Fluffy advice that doesn't achieve tangible results
 Stressing about money
 Feeling overwhelmed and confused by the sea of noise online
 Bursts of motivation that fade away quickly in the busyness of life 
Business is too hard to do alone. 
Over the last 16 years in business, I've realised that what most entrepreneurs need more than anything is:

* A clear roadmap

* Clarity and direction on their next steps

* Real-time mentoring and feedback 

* A supportive environment 

Creating success in business doesn’t have to be boring or hard and, let’s face it, if you're trying to do it alone, you're probably not getting the results you could be.
Imagine having all the clients that you want and the free time to enjoy the business and the life that you dream of. You CAN!   
The truth is, there IS an easier way to get clients. WITHOUT losing your mind, your sleep or your social life… 

It’s doing what your competitors aren’t willing to do. 

And the Amplify Your Influence Accelerator program shows you exactly how to do it.
This Is For Committed Action-Takers Only 
By the end of 90 days, here’s what will happen when you have implemented everything inside… 

You will have created the most powerful asset any entrepreneur can have...

An automated system to continue to produce your ideal clients. You'll have structure in your business and so you don't have to keep manually repeating the same tasks.

You can start enjoying the benefits of a profitable, lifestyle business... Without the overwhelm… 

Faster than you ever thought possible. 

How? With me by your side helping you every step of the way. No more getting stuck!

The end result? 
Being fully booked with your ideal clients paying you what you're worth!
Let's have a look at what you're going to get inside...
Here's how you get booked with your ideal clients in 12-weeks:
The Amplify Portal
Module 1: Set Up Success Foundations
 Get crystal-clear on your business vision, plan & goals including your freedom figure (that number that allows you to breathe and stop stressing about money!) 
 How to get your website ready for the traffic that will be going to it, with my easy-to-follow tweaks guide 
 The exact steps you need to be able to make money within your first week 
 How to set yourself apart from your competitors - it's not as hard as you think
 Identify your unique genius zone and the right business strategy for your type of offering
 Exactly how to identify your ideal clients, so your offers are reaching the right people
Week 2: Organise Your Irresistible Offer
 How to create an irresistible offer that your ideal client wants and is willing to pay for
 My unique 'Offer Creation' formula to refine your offer into a high-value package your ideal clients will find irresistible
 Get a total overview of the types of offers out there, and choose the perfect one for you
 How to name your offer so that it lands and converts well
 Offer Must-Haves & Validation Guide - how to get everything right so that you can launch successfully
Week 3: Attract Your Avatar 
 Client Attraction Strategies: 7 Free & low-cost lead-generation strategies you can start using straight away
 How to create a high-converting, irresistible freebie to flood your inbox with qualified leads
 How to get in front of the right audience - my best online and offline strategies that work (stop wasting time on the others!)
 Access my most popular marketing templates, cheat sheets, scripts, email and social media swipe files - ready to use in your business straight away!
 My top tips on how to automate your client‐attraction and take at least 50% of your tasks off of your calendar 
Week 4: Social Media Success Strategies
 Social Media Caption Planner - Get 7-days worth of content created in one session with this template and loads of caption ideas 
 Do's & Don'ts on Facebook - Learn how to convert curious strangers on Facebook into paying clients
 A library of Social Media Content Ideas - so you'll never get stuck wondering what to post again!
 Social Media Content Map - an easy-to-implement template to plan out your content in advance
 How to communicate the value of your offer on social media so that your ideal clients can't afford NOT to sign up
Week 5: Content That Connects 
 How to create effective content for all your online marketing that converts your ideal clients
 7 keys to an effective content calendar so you can be super organised with your content - not random! 
 How to create high-converting Facebook ads that get you a high return on your investment (and get accepted on Facebook!)
 The Influencers Toolkit: How to make your message influential and authentic, so you can stand out from your competitors and 
 Words to use and words to avoid - stop making these costly mistakes in your copywriting that could be putting people off signing up with you
Week 6: Funnels That Flourish
 How to create a 24/7 marketing machine that converts people even while you're away from your phone and laptop
 How to create highly-effective funnels, even if you feel you're bad at technology (I did too but these are super easy and I show you step-by-step!)
 Access ALL of my high-converting funnels to have all your automation systems in place for a seamless client enrolment process.
 All my email templates for your email nurture sequences so you don't have to come up with the wording from scratch
 How to use an automated funnel to book up your calendar with discovery calls and have an consistent stream of potential clients wanting to work with you.
Week 7: Selling With Soul 
 How to be authentically confident when selling and charge what you're worth while being genuine and helpful
 Authentic consult strategies to fill your calendar with high-quality leads and close clients with ease - no weirdness!
 Understand exactly what to say to overcome people's limiting beliefs and the best ways to open and close the discovery call. Don't leave it to chance!
 My signature ABCDEF Selling Script Template to help you overcome that dreaded awkward sales call and know how to be elegant and authentic
 How to be paid what you're worth with a simple mindset shift and the tools to sell to the right clients
Week 8: Profit From Presenting 
 How to craft influential presentations for workshops and videos so you can come across confident and professional
 How to own any stage with confidence and know how to present with power to get people putting down their phones and paying attention
 How to fill your rooms with your ideal clients, without a big budget or a big following
 How to use presenting to generate thousands of dollars in income with my tried-and-tested profit from presenting formula
 The exact structure that enabled me to make $15,000 in just one workshop, and consistently use workshops to sign up high-paying clients

(Valued at $997)
Plus Bonus Modules: Prosper With Productivity & Master Your Mindset
 How to increase your confidence and think like a successful entrepreneur
 My top time-saving automations hacks and tools to start getting your life back and take more holidays
 How to eliminate procrastination, doubt, fear and become unstoppable
Plus 4 Weeks of Implementation and Action - full support to help you apply every module

(Valued at $197)
3x Face-to-Face Live Full-Day Action Workshops
You'll receive free tickets to our 3 Action Days in Sydney.

You'll work on practical strategies with me in the room to apply and implement everything you are learning.

You'll also be coached personally and have access to a high-power mastermind group with our unique 'Minds On Fire' session.

These incredible, inspiring and action-focused days will leave you with clarity and tasks ticked off!

(Valued at $594)
A Library Of Client-Attraction Trainings
You're able to access my powerful, game-changing business strategies. 

Step-by-Step Video trainings, Worksheets, Templates, and Guides to give you even more support to implement your learnings effortlessly.

With a library of training, you'll have all the training and tools you need at your fingertips around the clock.

(Valued at $497)
Weekly Accountability Catch-ups

Every week I’m online live to ask any business questions you want. You'll get accountability, support and the chance to here how others are applying the strategies. 

The sessions are focused on 'getting stuff done' and staying in action. I help you with what's working and what's not, so that you can strategically create a business that gives you the financial AND time freedom you want. 

These sessions will ensure that you stay accountable and on track to the goals you set.

You'll get access to all the recordings if you can't make a session. 

(Valued at $497)
Private Members-only Facebook Group
The Influencers Inner Circle Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Accelerator Program. 

This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the projects, and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as an entrepreneur :-) 

You can ask unlimited questions, so you are completely supported wherever you need it. 

I review your marketing, opt in pages, lead magnets, landing pages, Facebook ads, sales pages, sales funnels, webinars, videos, and anything else you need my help on between sessions.

(Valued at $997)
PLUS You'll receive This Bonus: 
The Amplify Your Influence Vault
Lifetime access to our online vault and portal. Save literally hundreds of hours & spend more time in your genius zone doing what you love.

You'll get:

* Templates, scripts, & funnels
* Marketing and packaging templates
* Social Media Cheat sheets
* Sample workshop & webinar slides & workbook templates
* All of my best high-converting funnels
* High-converting sales consult scripts
* Done-for-you forms
* My slide packs 
… and more

Documents that have taken me literally hundreds of hours to create, so you can save loads of time!

(Valued at $497)

I know if you’ve read up until this point, you’re probably pretty certain this program is going to be a game-changer for you… Just like it was for me and my clients.

So because of that - for a very limited time - I’m going to gift it to you at a massive 75% discount! 
Our Next Program Opens June 10th, 2019
At this point I'm sure you've realised...
This Could Be The Exact Thing Your Business 
Needs In 2019
The Places Will Fill Fast

This program will only be open for a short time, and I have not decided at this stage if I’m running it again in the future.
There are only 12 spots available (firm) and some are already filled.

So, if you are serious about joining me, claim your place now before they’re all gone.

People always email me after the doors close, asking if they can still get in…

This is my official way of letting you know the countdown is on ;-) 
Check out what other entrepreneurs are saying about Kat: 
Our Next Program Opens June 10th, 2019
This Is Truly A Limited Offer
PLUS 3 People Only Will Receive This Bonus For Taking The Paid-In-Full Option:

* An Online Content Makeover
I'll edit and refine the wording on your website and social media bio's to make sure you're positioned in the best possible way to attract your ideal clients!

(Valued at $297)

Just for being a rapid action-taker!

I know if you’ve read up until this point, you’re probably pretty certain this program is going to be a game-changer for you… Just like it was for me and my clients.

So because of that - for a very limited time - I’m going to gift it to you at a massive 75% discount! 
The fast-action offer is only 997, and you receive over $3,000 worth of bonuses for free!

Or you can do easy payments of just 97/week.

The program is limited to 12 people (firm) for a highly-personalised experience. Half the spaces are already filled. 

I can't wait to see you inside the Amplify Your Influence Accelerator and help you grow your business and create massive success.

Click the button below, fill out your details on the following page so you can save your place.
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