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How To Attract Your Ideal Clients Using Social Media
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Thursday 9th of May

6:00PM @ Suncorp Discovery Store
197 Pitt Street, Sydney

With Kat Millar

Your Client Attraction Hostess :-)
Are you finding it increasingly hard to find clients online?

Do you find it almost impossible to stand out and keep up with everyone else?

You know the feeling... you spend ages creating a heart-felt post on Facebook. 

You do the 'post and hope', but the engagement you were wanting just never comes...
 You wonder how to get noticed in a sea of noise on social media?
 You get confused with all the different methods out there and want a simpler way (what the heck is an algorithm anyway?!)
 You've downloaded guides and cheatsheets, watched Webinars and YouTube videos, but your following is still the same (you wonder - maybe I didn't get the hashtags right?)
I totally get it. 

I used to spend loads of time and effort creating my posts, because I knew that social media is so crucial... 

But I still wasn't getting clients. I didn't have an effective social media strategy.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally realised that there is a better way to do it. 

And it changed everything for my business. 
 People started reaching out to me consistently. No chasing people!
 I started attracting dozens of my ideal clients, effortlessly
 I started selling-out my workshops and programs
I created a powerful 5-step strategy that can help you to attract your ideal clients using social media, without the confusion or overwhelm.

The good news is, I'm sharing this strategy for FREE at this upcoming Meetup. 

So you can use these exact steps to finally sign-up new, paying clients... people who are willing to pay you what you're worth!

This Is For You If...
 You're a Coach, Trainer, Educator or Service-based Business Owner
 You really want to help more people and make more money
 You want a clear strategy for using social media to find your ideal clients
Meet your host...
Kat Millar
Kat Millar is the owner of 'Amplify Your Influence'. She works with people globally to grow their business and life through her programs and events. 

Kat is a highly-experienced Coach, Speaker, and Business Trainer, specialising in equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and support to get more clients, earn more money & make a bigger impact in their sphere of influence.
What You'll Learn...
 5 reasons why most entrepreneurs struggle to get new clients online (I bet you're making at least 2 of these right now!)
 The best way to reach your ideal clients on social media, without spending a cent on Facebook ads
 How to get in front of your ideal clients online, so you don't just get 'likes' but you get clients willing to pay you what you're worth
 My signature 5-step 'Client Attraction Formula': exactly how to attract a consistent stream of ideal clients
The most informative 2 hours learning client attraction strategies, or your money back! 
Oh wait... you're getting it all for free! ;-) 
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Thursday 9th of May, 6pm - 8pm
Includes light refreshments and a booklet.
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your free seat now, so you don't miss out! 
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