Want To Know The Best Way To Get Clients? 

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...so you can create a profitable business (even if you're just starting out)
* very limited seating available *

Saturday 17th of August

10am - 5pm 
@ Suncorp Discovery Store
197 Pitt Street, Sydney

Limited Spaces...

Join other like-minded, action-taking entrepreneurs!

Kat Millar

Your Workshop Hostess :-)
Hey passionate difference-maker,

Do you want to know the best way to get clients, EVEN IF you're just starting out?

Do you want to know, with certainty, how to create a profitable business?

So you can make a deeper impact with your message...

Create the income you deserve...

And position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche?
Well, I have good news for you :-)

Let me tell you why...

But first, you NEED to hear this.

ALL the enthusiastic, positive, grateful clients imaginable are out there right now, ready and waiting for you.

All you need is a PROVEN system to attract them into your business. 

If you’re unhappy with the money you’re earning, you HAVEN'T applied the right system yet. 

I know you're super passionate about what you do, and you have a genius zone that others need... but you don't have enough clients to deliver your skills to.

I know that deep inside you there’s a burning for MORE. 

To help more people. 

To make a bigger difference...

And you're frustrated that time is ticking and it's not happening at the level you want it to.

The desire and the quiet voice inside you is not going away.
A few years back, I was struggling to get enough clients in my business. 

I consumed looooads of books, seminars and information about sales, marketing, mindset, presenting and wealth-creation... but I was still broke!

I was 'busy', but I still didn't know how to find people who really needed what I offered and convert them into paying clients. 

I didn't know what were the most critical tasks to focus on and I'd get stuck in overwhelm. 

Inevitably, I'd end up procrastinating on everything

I was wasting time and feeling exhausted, because I was missing ONE important part...
A simple strategy to sign up new clients - fast!
(without cold-calling or spending a fortune on ads)
Once I discovered this strategy...
 People started reaching out to me consistently. NO chasing people (they were chasing me!)
  I was able to share my offers in a way that had people saying "Yes!" straight away
 I started selling-out my workshops and programs (and had a waiting list)
We're living in a world where people expect a lot of great value. Yet when do we take the time to learn how to effectively deliver it?

Even people who have been in business for years get this wrong. 

Often they are winging it, or trying to promote themselves without really knowing how.   

There are only so many times you can trial and error before you run out of money, time or self-confidence.

If you want to stay in business, learning the skill of client attraction is critical

You’re NOT supposed to be stressed out and going back and forth in the confusion. 

There’s a BETTER way to do things, and I want to share with you exactly how to do it. 

Once you’ve mastered the skill, you can make money at ANY time—independent of anybody else. 

With your very own client-attraction system, this could be your reality faster than you think.
People often ask me:  
Where do I find my ideal clients?

How do I get the confidence to charge what I'm worth?

How do I best promote myself effectively on social media?

How do I overcome my fear of posting content?

This is exactly what I was asking myself a few years back - and exactly what you'll learn at this workshop.
This strategy allows me to:
* Have a profitable business, earning consistent five-figure months 

* Be full-time in my business

* Consistently attract me ideal clients - even while I'm on holiday

* Help my clients get amazing results 

Like Aimee who went from $800 per week to over $4,000 per week in sales!)

And Lauren, who went from zero followers to over 5,000 in less than 4 months!

Now I want to share this powerful strategy with you.

This rarely-utilised strategy will be your new secret client-getting advantage. 

This Workshop IS For You If...
 You're a new Coach or just starting out in business
 You want to get paid more to help more people
  You haven't been to one of my recent workshops (because I'm sharing the same strategy)
  You want a clear strategy to find your ideal clients that works, consistently
This Workshop Is NOT For You If...
  You're not committed to helping people
  You're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme 
  You're not willing to put yourself out there online and offline (don't worry, I show you how!)
You'll Learn:
👉 How to get crystal clear on your ideal target market and show them exactly how you can help them

👉 A 5-step Client-attraction Formula - the exact steps to attract a consistent stream of your ideal clients 

👉 3 Secret Marketing Weapons (that most of your competitors aren't doing!)

👉 Low-cost marketing strategies that create big results 

👉 The 3 M's that can transform your business, instantly

👉 A clear, effective marketing plan that can dramatically increase your client numbers within just 30 days
You'll Get:
🌟 Fun-filled learning about the business growth strategies that are working best in 2019
🌟 A comprehensive workbook to work through
🌟 Snacks + hot and cold drinks throughout the day
🌟 Your most burning questions answered
🌟 Quality, valuable feedback on your business
🌟 Networking opportunities with like-minded passionate entrepreneurs
Productivity... GUARANTEED
You will experience a highly informative and productive day, packed with the most relevant and effective client attraction strategies for your business... or you pay nothing!
Powerful Online Strategies
My all-time favourite, most effective marketing strategies, to help you simply and enjoyably reach your ideal clients, even if you're just starting out... or you feel you suck at technology!
More Life, Less Work
Everything you'll learn is focused on  helping you build a more automated, lifestyle-friendly, profitable business... one of the main reasons we have our own business right?!  :-)
You'll Walk Away With:
👉 New skills and confidence to build a profitable business
👉 New inspiration and ideas you can apply straight away in your business
👉 New relationships with like-minded people who are open to sharing and developing each other's ideas and goals

👉 Clarity on exactly how to find and book yourself solid with your ideal clients

Event Details
Saturday 17th August
10am - 5pm 

Suncorp Discovery Store
197 Pitt St, Sydney
Only $97 for two people - so you can bring a friend!
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your seat now, so you don't miss out! 
Meet your host...
Kat Millar
I’m Kat Millar, Owner of Amplify Your Influence. I help coaches, trainers and passionate entrepreneurs increase their influence by creating a profitable, lifestyle-friendly business doing what they love. 

I believe that everyone has unique gifts to offer the world and by sharing their genius zone, they can make a meaningful difference and get paid well for it.

I've owned and run successful businesses since 2003 in 3 countries and I'm passionate about helping people to help more people by sharing their gifts. 

I believe every business has the power to change lives. My personal goal is to inspire 1 million+ people to live on purpose, doing what they love, creating and contributing from a place of abundance and freedom. 

Together we can make a huge impact!

Thinking about joining us?
These entrepreneurs did - check out what they had to say...

"I learned strategies to help me save time and take massive action. It has made a huge difference already"

"I have had results within 24 hours"

"Practical, easy to implement strategies that you can implement immediately"

"I have gone from zero to over 5,000 followers!"

"Lots of inspirational ideas and strategic tools... with secret weapons for my business"

"It exceeded my expectations... an enjoyable, fun learning environment"

"Interactive, comprehensive and fun! "

"It's amazing how much information Kat packed into the day... I loved everything about it..."

"Having a customised action plan takes away the confusion and allows space for success!"

"You can't help but feel empowered and inspired to take massive action"

"I'm already up and running with templates, ideas and strategies"

"Practical, honest feedback and integrity"

"It will really help me progress faster"

"I liked everything about the workshop... 
The atmosphere = Excellent!"

"If you want a roadmap towards success for marketing a service-based business, Kat is the go-to person!"

"One of the best workshops I've ever attended"
Saturday 17th August
10am - 5pm 
Suncorp Discovery Store
197 Pitt St, Sydney
Only $97 for two people - so you can bring a friend!
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your seat now, so you don't miss out! 
I can't wait to see you there!
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