Do you have a vision to have a successful business, doing what you love?

Secrets Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs

FREE Live Sydney Event

Thursday 14th November

6PM - 8:30PM @ 
Level 1, 36 York Street, Sydney

With Kat Millar

Founder of Unleash Your Freedom
Do you have a vision to have a successful business doing what you love, but don’t know exactly how to make that happen?

As a Coach, I meet so many people who have big dreams for their life… but struggle to follow through on them.

After a few months, they find themselves at the exact same spot and wonder "Where did the time go?"

Do you see other women living their dream life and you wonder when it's your turn?

I want to let you in on a secret... successful female entrepreneurs aren't special or born that way. 

They simply have the right tools and know how to use them.

They have learned the mindset and habits of high performers and apply the techniques consistently.

No matter how much doubt you have, or how little you believe in yourself right now, you are truly capable of achieving great success.

Which is why I created this workshop for female high achievers who want to step up and achieve their goals.
At 'Secrets Of Successful Female Entrepreneurs' You'll Discover: 
👉 The top 3 success habits of high-performers, and how you can utilise them in your life to attract more opportunities

👉 The biggest mistakes women make when setting goals, and what to do instead to get results that last

👉 How to think like a successful entrepreneur, using 3 secret characteristics high-achieving female entrepreneurs swear by...
When you know the secrets of successful entrepreneurs...
* You show up differently - your best, most confident version

* You build deep relationships with people who support your dreams

* You create and attract the right opportunities

* More doors open for you and you build your vision faster

* Your determination and drive becomes unstoppable
Join us at 'Secrets of Successful Female Entrepreneurs'
Thursday 14th November 6pm - 8.30pm
Level 1, 36 York Street, Sydney
Includes drinks, snacks and networking with other
amazing entrepreneurial-minded women
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your free seat now, so you don't miss out! 
I can't wait to see you there!
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