Want to know how to best sell your services in this uncertain time? 

Selling Equals Service

How To Sign Up New Clients 
With Ease In Uneasy Times

FREE Live Online Masterclass

Thursday 30th April 2020

7PM - 8:30PM 
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With Kat Millar

Owner of Amplify Your Influence
Kat Millar presents this new, insightful 90-minute online masterclass for service-based business owners who want to sign up new clients FAST during this current economic climate... 
WITHOUT feeling pushy or uncomfortable.

Are you finding it hard to know how to offer your services during this uneasy time? 

Do you wonder what the best way to position your offers it at the moment?

If you're like many business owners I speak to, you have so much to offer ... enormous value!  

Yet if you don't develop your sales skills... your business doesn't grow. And if you go out of business... then you can't help anybody!

Now more than ever, we need to be able to effectively reach people and serve them. 

Selling authentically is an act of service that can be enjoyable and helpful for both of you.

People are out there right now who need what you offer... and if you don’t sell to them, they will either go elsewhere or carry on struggling... 
and so will you!

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. 
If you can't sell, you can't serve.

Authentic selling is NOT:

* Trying to convince people who don't need what you offer to buy from you

* Being insensitive about people’s current situation

* Profiteering from people’s struggles

IF your products or services genuinely provide a REAL solution to a REAL problem and improve people's lives...

...then the world NEEDS you as a heart-centred business owner to step up.

SO many people need your help and WANT to buy what you offer, even during these times.

Sales = Sharing
Sales = Caring
Sales = Service

The #1 reason why business owners struggle to sign up clients or sell their programs is because they don't have the right skills. 

But what they don't realise is that sales skills are easily learnable. No one is born being great at sales!

If you don't have the skills, you won't like selling!

If you want to help more people, and show that you care, developing the skill of selling is crucial.     

Which is why I created the 'Selling Equals Service' Masterclass. 

It's designed to teach people like you my
6-step VALUES based sales method, so you can sign up clients with ease - even in uneasy times! 

It's a way of selling that's fully authentic, genuine and enjoyable. No weird awkwardness!

It's designed for Coaches, Consultants & Service-providers who want to overcome their fear and lack of enjoyment of sales to make more money and help more people.

At This Free Masterclass You Will:
👉 Learn how to best communicate your value so you can sign up clients, even during these uncertain times
👉 Discover how to serve through selling, with authenticity and integrity, using my unique
6-step VALUES formula

👉 Walk away with a proven, effective sales script template, that works straight away to have people saying YES!

Includes e-workbook sent to all attendees.
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your free seat now, so you don't miss out!