Is it time to step up as a business owner?
Unleash Your Freedom
The ultimate event for rising female entrepreneurs 
Saturday 23rd November
9.30am - 5pm 

Moore Park Golf Club
Cleveland St, Moore Park

With Kat Millar

Owner: Amplify Your Influence
Do you have a vision to have a successful business doing what you love, but don’t know exactly how to make that happen?

Are you tired of time passing by without achieving your entrepreneurial dreams?

Join us at our 7th Unleash Your Freedom event and set yourself up for an incredible 2020.
Get clear on your vision, your purpose, your goals, and your plan to make it happen!
As a Coach, I meet so many people who have big dreams to have their own business… but struggle to follow through and make it happen. 

After a few months, people find themselves at the exact same spot and wonder "Where did the time go?"

Yet another year is nearly over - and we're now at the dawn of a new decade.  

Do you see female entrepreneurs living their dream life and you wonder when it's your turn?
I know how it feels to wrestle with these questions and struggle with a lack of clarity and direction.

I want to let you know that it's normal to feel like that.

And I also want to let you in on a secret... the successful female entrepreneurs aren't special or born that way. 

They simply have the right tools and know how to use them. 

They have learned the mindset and habits of high performers and apply the techniques consistently.
No matter how much doubt you have right now, you are truly capable of achieving great success and making a difference.

That's why I created Unleash Your Freedom.

It's a 1-day event for all women who want the freedom and flexibility to live life on their own terms. 

We use unique transformative processes to help you get the clarity, mindset and tools to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. 
"If you want new perspectives and reasons to step out of fear 
and into the life you want, this is it!" - Corinne Blight
At Unleash Your Freedom You'll Discover: 
👉 How to set yourself up for an ultimate 2020 with our unique entrepreneurial success strategy

👉 How to utilise the mindset and habits of high-performers and be an outstanding leader of your life

👉 The easy way to take the right actions and be who you need to be to achieve your business goals

👉 How to get results effortlessly, without the constant struggle by putting the actions on autopilot 

👉 How to build your confidence, communicate your value and be the person who attracts the right opportunities 
Whether you are starting out or looking to do more in your business, 
you need strategy, structure and support in order to grow.
You'll Learn The 4 Pillars Of Our Unique Success Strategy:  
1. Reconnect With Your Purpose
Gain a clear direction of your purpose, especially if you're at a turning point in life and know you want more

Using our unique passion palette, you'll have fun pin-pointing the unique combination of things you love & can monetise. 

Unpack your unique gifts, get clarity on what’s important to you & walk away with a deeper understanding of your why, and the life you want to build.
2. Create A Clear Vision
You'll create an exciting vision for 2020 and beyond, based on your passion, values and purpose. 

You will also learn our vision statement formula, so you will have a clear guide after the event. 

Discover how to be who you need to be to go to your next level, and make your next year incredible.

You'll gain the clarity and courage to achieve the dreams you’ve been thinking about for years and finally have the steps to make your dreams happen. 
3. Master Your Mindset
Be guided through our unique rapid release freedom process to get rid of the biggest blocks that have been sabotaging you and holding you back from living your full potential. 

You'll learn how to move past fear, self-doubt, uncertainty and build your confidence to take the next step in your business journey. 

Create fast and lasting change, know how to handle all the challenges and curveballs and get the tools to be unstoppable.
4. Create Clear Goals & Action Steps
It's time to plan your ultimate year...

With our signature freedom planner, you'll create an action plan to increase your freedom and have the influence and impact you’re here to have.

Set real, tangible goals that you can actually achieve, and know exactly what to do to achieve them, without the overwhelm. 
Who Is This Event For?
#1: Women Wanting To 
Explore Entrepreneurship
You want to explore the next step in your journey to being your own boss, having the flexibility to work the hours you choose, contributing and making a difference. Be inspired by our entrepreneurial speakers about how to create a heart-centred, meaningful and purposeful business that you love.

#2: Coaches, Entrepreneurs, 
 & Business Owners 
You want to play a bigger game and step up into your next level in life and business. You want to up-skill and expand your mindset to make a bigger impact and increase your income-earning potential. 
You want to mingle with other female business owners for inspiration and insight.
 #3: Leaders, High-achievers & Go-Getters With Big Dreams
You're a high achiever and you know you are called to more.
You want to utilise your creative potential and grow as an individual and a leader. 
You're sick of the sidelines.
You have big dreams and you want to step up into them. 
You're tired of mediocre.
You want extraordinary. 
"I love going to this event time and again - makes me feel special, helps me reconnect with my true, genuine feminine self. Perfect 1-day retreat!" - Elena Long
Join us to...
Escape the distractions for a day. Press “pause” on your busy life and take the time to slow down and reflect. 
The day is all about you.
Feel nourished & leave with renewed inspiration

Enjoy the freedom of a whole day to recharge and reconnect with yourself, others, your dreams and what's most important to you. 
Enjoy great connections, food, and fun, practical activities in a supportive community. 
Expand your thinking, indulge your love of learning and create a new exciting plan in a gorgeous, empowering environment. 
Get energised & motivated to make the coming decade your best yet! 
Leave the day with a step-by-step action plan ready to implement, 
so you can live a more fulfilled life with meaning.
"It reminded me what I need to pay more attention to in the next stage of my life journey. It was an opportunity to add to my personal development plan and network with like minded people. This is your oxygen mask ladies." - Diana Zdenka
What You Get At This Powerful 1-Day Event:  
A panel of inspiring, real women sharing stories
and wisdom to help you fast-track your growth
Practical tools you can apply straight away   
Fun activities & powerful guided visualisation 

New friends and meaningful connections 
with like-minded women
A workbook that follows the outline of the day   
The chance to win gorgeous prizes
Lush goodies and gifts  
Delicious morning tea, drinks & healthy lunch(with gluten-free & vegan options)   
"Unleash your Freedom is an opportunity to give yourself a day to be immersed in the strength, energy, support and vulnerability of an event designed to lift you up. The inspiration, passion and creativity of the day lives on well after the event." - Vanessa Treverrow
This is our 7th event and fourth year of Unleash Your Freedom since it was birthed in 2015 and the results have been incredible.

Women who had been stuck for years find a new sense of direction, clarity & confidence they never knew was possible.   

No more wishing and hoping.

Join us and together we'll create a renewed sense of excitement, inspiration and purpose in your life, including:

* Having the courage to achieve your goals   
* Developing an unstoppable mindset
* Creating your life on your own terms, with the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment you desire
I came to the first event not really knowing what to expect, and walked away with a fresh perspective and friendships that I have till this day. Amongst the inspiring content delivered, there was also delicious food, free goodie bags and pamper stations. So fun! Have been going to each event since the first one." 
- Tiffany Kawena Lin 
Event Details
Moore Park Golf Club
Cleveland Street, Moore Park
9.30am - 5pm 
Online Community Tickets only $97 
(Door price $197, save $100!)
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your seat now, so you don't miss out! 
"Thank you for empowering me to pursue the business of my dreams- Jess Santosa
This Is How Your Day Will Look:
In the morning, we will start with a focus on visioning, guided visualisation, discovery, and a panel of guests where you'll hear stories packed with inspiring gems. 

We'll share a yummy morning tea and lunch together where you'll connect with other like-minded ladies.

In the afternoon, we progress to sharing circles, fun activities, and more inspiring guest interviews.

We finish on a high with prizes & more connection.
NOW is the time to decide and commit to your dreams.
NOW is the time to unleash your freedom.
"There was such a welcoming atmosphere, I felt very looked after. 
Very authentic speakers!" - Penny Dalton
What Women Are Saying About Unleash Your Freedom
"Unleash Your Freedom helped me connect back into the important things... the creative part of me and what is meaningful in life. I'm so grateful to be here... and be part of the fun activities to help me link into that creativity"
- Melanie Townsend
"It was an amazing event, I feel so inspired, I feel so ready to go out and do what I want to do. Do yourself a favour and come to one of these events."
- Jackie Archer
"The biggest takeaway for me is how wonderous to be in a group of women that lift, rise, support and empower each other. The energy is amazing... it is the most beautiful experience... exquisite, thank you"
- Christine Julian 
"I've taken away a lot, it's wonderful to be in a space with people who support each other and share ideas. It reminded me that doing things on your own is hard work... it's great to be around others and get the missing pieces"
- Vanessa Treverrow
Meet your host...
Kat Millar
Kat Millar is the founder of Unleash your Freedom. She assists people across the globe to create a powerful, high-performance mindset and business.  

Kat has owned and run successful businesses since 2003 in 3 countries, and has coached thousands of people. She helps entrepreneurs grow a profitable, lifestyle-friendly business doing what they love. 

She believes that everyone has unique gifts to offer the world and by sharing them, can create a meaningful difference and impact.

She has studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Entrepreneurship.   

Her personal goal is to inspire 1 million+ people to live on purpose with abundance, freedom, and fulfilment.

"I loved it - women showing up authentically and whole-heartedly & sharing lessons from their journey. 
I will definitely be showing up in my truth more and stop playing small!" - Joanne Tweedie
Event Details
Moore Park Golf Club
Cleveland Street, Moore Park
9.30am - 5pm 
Online Community Tickets only $97
(Door price $197, save $100!)
Spaces strictly limited. Secure your seat now, so you don't miss out.
We look forward to seeing you there!
P.S. Tickets are limited due to room size and allocated on a first-come, first served basis. 
Book now to reserve your place. - COPYRIGHT @ 2019 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 

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